Guide Your Children

Life can be confusing for kids too! That’s why we believe that everyone needs the word of God, especially in their young and formative years. All kids are already being formed morally and spiritually, but the question is how?

Some children are formed by their culture’s values, but God’s people will form their children according to the model of Christ and his word. Jesus is the perfect model of what humanity is supposed to look like; that is why our education program is designed to guide our children to be like Him. Come check us out and we promise that your kids will encounter God through Christ-centered teaching and engaging worship. 

How It Works

Our kids ministry (infant – 5th grade) primarily operates during normal worship service hours on Sunday mornings (10-11:30 am). We separate the younger kids from the adults for Sunday worship because we believe it is wise to give our children worship and teaching that engages them at their level of maturity. Come early to check in your kids. Please return on time to pick them up. 

Learn more about WHAT TO EXPECT on Sunday mornings!

Kids Checkin
Kids Worship