We think membership is great but realize that it’s not for everyone. In our church, we distinguish between those who are exploring and attending versus those who are “bought in” as contributing members.

We call members those who have signed our Membership Agreement. The essential difference between members and attenders is that members have put themselves under Water Edge Church’s care and pastoral authority. The word of God commands church leaders to pastor their members; the membership identity clarifies who that is.

Everyone is welcome at Waters Edge, and we discriminate against no one. We recognize and respect that people come to our church at different places in their walk toward God. If you would like to learn more about the vision, mission, and history of Waters Edge Church, inquire about our DISCOVERY class which is held periodically throughout the year.

Even if you are not ready for membership, we welcome you to come and explore our community while you pray about membership. If you are searching for answers about the Christian faith, we invite you to attend our multi-week group session, ALPHA – the beginning. Everyone should have the chance to explore their faith, ask questions, and share their story in an informal, fun, and friendly environment. 

Learn about our Waters Edge MINISTRIES, DISCIPLESHIP, and LIFE GROUPS.