Our Ministries …

Many people feel isolated and lonely! That is why we are not a Sunday-only church. We multiply all kinds of ministries and groups at our church because we believe in the personal touch that only genuine human interaction can provide. We value heart-level engagement with one another through openness and vulnerability; you will encounter God in our weaknesses just as much as our strengths. Take the risk to be known by finding your home in a group at the Waters Edge.  

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry at Waters Edge strives to provide a resource for women of all ages, backgrounds, and life stages to connect with the body of Christ. We seek to study, support, mentor, encourage and celebrate women as we all grow closer to Christ in our daily lives. Together we work to promote an atmosphere of positive, reflective, loving, and God-honoring sisterhood. Come join us at the Waters Edge if you hunger and thirst for that relationship and the truth of God’s Word. We’ll find a place for you!

Mama TribeLearn More>

We call this mother’s group the “Mama Tribe” because moms need to stick together. Mothers need fresh wisdom and a healthy community around them in order to be successful in the greatest of all earthly vocations (motherhood). Join our Mama Tribe where we take care of each other and learn wisdom from God’s word. 

Women of Worth Bible StudyGet in Touch>

This Bible Study group is open to all women who want to learn more about God’s Word. Our studies are usually short-term and range from books of the Bible to various Bible topics or other Christian resource books and guides. 

Men’s Ministry

Godly manhood is dying in our land and it is time for good men to rise up. At the Water’s Edge, we are seeing manhood restored around the fire in our man night groups! Join a man night group, and you will encounter God, both in his word and through heart-level engagement with other men. 


Students Ministry

Life can be confusing and empty for our young people as well! They are struggling with things we never imagined, and they need a foundation in something besides pop culture and social media. Why not connect them to the man who has helped people live fruitful and healthy lives for millennia? We are forming students according to the model of the world’s greatest hero, Jesus, the Son of God.

Come to the Waters Edge, where you will encounter Jesus and find the fullness of life you were made for. For more information, contact us.

Water’s Edge Kids Ministry

We would love to have you get involved with Water’s Edge Kids! There are plenty of ways to serve! We have five different classes. The teachers and their helpers rotate every three months.

As a nursery attendant you can volunteer to help cuddle babies as often as you feel called! There’s plenty of baby therapy to be had!

Another volunteer opportunity is material prep. That person would gather materials during the week and make sure the teachers are well equipped to do their job on Sunday! This role is perfect for those of you that are detail-oriented!

You could also serve during Children’s worship! There, we need volunteers to welcome the kids and help monitor them, as well as someone to direct the presentation and get the kids excited about worshipping God!

Working the check-in station is yet another way to get involved with our kids! We need a welcoming face ready to greet our kids, guide parents during the check-in process, and enter newcomers into our computer system.

If you like working on the computer, we’ve got you covered too! You could help upload media into our services app so the teachers can access the videos they need for class. This greatly enhances the engagement in our classrooms!

VBS is another great way to get involved, it’s all hands on deck! Whether you’re good at technology, preparing food, games, crafts, acting, dancing, singing, advertising, teaching, welcoming, or watching kids in general….there’s a spot for you to serve in the Children’s Ministry and VBS!

Alpha Ministry

Are you new to this and not real sure about the whole “Christian thing”? Some folks are exploring the faith and are still deciding whether they want to be followers of Jesus in the first place. Everyone should have the opportunity to explore the foundations of the Christian faith in a non-judgmental and open atmosphere.

That is why we offer ALPHA. It is a way to explore the foundations of the Christian faith in a non-judgmental and open atmosphere. You may ask questions and share your story in an informal, fun and friendly environment. 

If you are searching for answers, we invite you to attend an ALPHA group and follow the 11-week process to explore the Christian faith. It is called “Alpha” for a reason. It is – the beginning.

Prayer Ministry

Life can be empty and confusing! We want you to encounter God through prayer and find the fullness you were made for. Have you asked him to reveal himself to you? Let us serve you through prayer; contact our team today!

In Matthew 7:7, Jesus said,
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Counseling Ministry

Waters Edge wants to provide a safe place to those struggling with life challenges. Two of our members are professional Christian Counselors. You may directly contact either Counselor with questions regarding their services.

Karen Close has a, B.A. in Ministry from Canada; M.A in Pastoral Counseling, and M.A. in Christian Education from Columbia International University; D.Min. in Marriage and Family Systems from Palmer Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, PA. Karen is also trained in Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. She is a resident member of the faculty at Columbia International University.

You may contact Karen at 803-261-9889 or send an email to kclose@ss.rr.com to inquire about her services.

Bogan Avery received a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Harding University in Searcy, AR. He has also received training in Clinical Hypnosis from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

You may contact Bogan at at 501-230-5009 or send an email to bogana@averycounseling.org to inquire about his services.